Back to good (single)

by The Stolen Stitches musical sideshow

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Well out in the woods down an old dirt road
there's a creepy old house where nobody goes
the locals all warn you, one thing you shouldn't do

is go out to that house in the woods
cus out there, there ain't no getting back to good

its a creepy old mansion with gargoyles outside
and vines and vines reaching up to the sky
the local legend says, the devils waiting their inside

He's waiting in the dark there to take you for a ride
cus out there in the darkness, there's nowhere you can hide

now courage gets the best of you as you open up the door
to find a woman in red and three men passed out on the floor
bartender smiles says, "come in sir have a drink"

I promise this place isn't as bad as you think
I SWEAR this place isn't as really as bad as you think

Well there's burlesque in the back room and martinis on ice
and a pasties and a g string sure looking nice
the woman in red smiles as she hands you a drink
takes you out on the dance floor
you don't know what to think

Well next thing you know your on top of the bar
your dancing by the moon and your howling at the stars
she takes you down a hallway pushes you onto her bed
says tonight were gonna paint the town red......hahaha

Well you wake up the next morning with bite marks on your neck
and your wallet is gone and all your moneys been spent
bartender laughs says "One thing you DONT wanna do"

is stay overnight in this house in the woods
cus now there REALLY ain't no getting back to good

Well your racing down the hallway trying to open every door
trying to make your way back to the place you were before
the woman in red smiles and says oh I hope I didn't mislead
but once your inside here you know you can NEVER LEAVE...HAHAHAHAHA

Now take this as a warning now for anyone who strives
to find that old house way out in the pines
take a lesson from the local's
one thing you don't wanna do

is go out to that house in the woods
cus once your inside there's no getting back to good............


released January 12, 2016
Drums provided by Kasey fusco
Recorded at ETC studios




The Stolen Stitches musical sideshow Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A unique blend of dark humorous folk songs about the devil, mixed with real life Sideshow acts and some rag time piano..

Defiantly not your typical Wagon wheel folk punk

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